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3 Tips for Simple Squidoo Promotion

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If you’ve been moving around in Internet marketing circles for any amount of time in recent years, you probably realize how important Squidoo has come as a marketing tool. This article explores methods for promoting Squidoo lenses in order to gain more targeted exposure.

SEO is highly effective when it comes to Squidoo. This is such an effective method because your lens will gain high rankings since Squidoo is an authority site. But in order to make that happen, you’ll have to optimize your lenses the right way and make the most of your Squidoo power with the search engines. The way to achieve this is to ensure that your title contains keywords and that your content is geared towards those same keywords. But besides that, an important tip that many forget is that they don’t make use of the tags that you can add up to your lens. Squidoo allows you to add up to forty tags for every lens that you have. To maximize your SEO efforts, you can comfortable include up to twenty. Search engines adore tags because they use them to navigate through the content and to identify it. This way you can get higher search engine rankings for your lenses. The tags you use need to be original, as your content should be, and they also need to include both single keywords and phrases. Also, you mustn’t forget to activate the “contact me” button on your profile in Squidoo. Once the traffic starts coming in, people will be have a way to get in touch with you without you having to provide them with your email address.

Creating internal links between all your lenses is another method that isn’t used enough. If you want your lenses to grow steadily at the same time, then you should be providing exchange traffic to them. If you want to ensure the maximum effectiveness of this method, then you must make sure that each and every one of your lenses are on similar topics. This will allow you to create an internal linking structure that will help to increase your search engine rankings. Google in particular loves sites that have proper internal linking done. Take sites like Wikipedia that have a massive internal linking structure and are clearly preferred by the search engines. Therefore, you shouldn’t play down the importance of internal linking. Many Internet marketers use this simple method to grow their traffic day by day. It will take a while before you see any real results but rest assured this is a great long term way to build your traffic.

Lastly, you want to make sure that you inform people about your lens in your regular communications. You can spread the word by including your lens address on your business card or in your email signature. You have to think outside the box and come up with ways to inform people of your lens through word of mouth. This will open up the door for you to a variety of different traffic sources that can send visitors to your lens.

With these great tips, your Squidoo lens can enjoy more targeted traffic right away. Most of the promotional work that you do for your Squidoo lens will act as a foundation for your future traffic. Once your lens is ranked in the search 2.5 mg lexapro engines you simply need to work to maintain the rank you’ve earned. What’s the hold up? This is the time for action. The more time and effort you spend making your lens grow, the greater the reward you’ll get for your efforts.

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