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5 Tips For Reducing Stress So You Can Get In Shape Faster

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Stress truly is one of modern societies biggest foes. You see, not only does stress comprise your immunity, but it also increases fat around your organs. And this type of fat is the worst.

Now keep in mind that even if you have low subcutaneous fat, you could be holding onto excess internal fat in your stomach. And this type of fat does not look good because it causes the typical pot belly look.

So here is how to prevent stress from making your stomach protrude:

1. Figure out your triggers: Keep a log of the specific events that cause your stress responses. I know this sounds simple, but most people do NOT do this. And keep in mind that memory is fickle because we are bombarded with too much information on a daily basis.

2. Speed up the flooding: If you are being flooded by stress or anger, let it flood you. The key here is to let it flood you while doing something physical. You see, biologically, you are made to deal with stress in a physical way-this is how your body best gets rid of it.

3. Be careful with words: Words are extremely powerful. A simple change in wording can make a world of difference. So never use absolutes and never use harsh words when talking to yourself. Many times, you will be your harshest critic.

4. Use your social ties: People who are not afraid or hesitant to tap into their social networks are very healthy. You see, we are not made to live in vacuums. Instead, we are much better off when we get through problems with the help of others.

5. Fill up your piggy bank: Doing so will help you prevent the biggest modern stressor of all: financial ruin. Too many people live lives full of fear and uncertainty because of money. By saving some day in and day out, you will buffer yourself against this stressor.

Stress should not be taken lightly. After all, it is a killer-there is no doubt about this. So make sure you take action on this information today. If you wait, you will most likely forget what you have learned.

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