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6 Ways To Increase Cooking Speed So You Can Spend More Time Getting In Shape

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You need to manage your caloric intake in order to get in shape. But if you spend all day in the kitchen preparing healthy food getting in shape will become a nightmare.

The problem here is that most people spend way too much time preparing food.

So here is how to spend less time in the kitchen and more time losing weight:

1. Cook your protein beforehand: Of all the different macronutrients, protein keeps the best once cooked. So if you want to save a lot of time in terms of meal prep, cook your protein before hand and simply add it in to each meal when it’s time to eat.

2. Don’t separate egg whites from egg yolks: Instead, just buy the readymade egg whites and spend a little more money. You will save much more time, energy and effort. This in turn will increase your chances of getting in shape.

3. Buy frozen vegetables: Despite the false information out there, frozen vegetables do retain a lot of nutrients. And they are very easy to prepare even though they are frozen. Even better, you don’t have to worry about them going bad on you.

4. Use slow cookers for large quantities of food: A slow cooker allows you to prepare massive amounts of food while you do other things. This is the best way to maximize efficiency here. And some of the more high end slow cookers have a wide variety of additional features.

5. Don’t be afraid to go with frozen sources of protein: Frozen protein can be very economical while not losing much nutrition or flavor. And you don’t have to worry about it perishing since it’s in the frozen state all the time.

6. Use steam bags for as much meal prep as possible: Not only is steaming very healthy for you, but it also reduces prep time and clean up time. And steam bags can be used in virtually any microwave. So start steaming today.

Learning how to speed up cooking time is a great way to increases your chances of weight loss success. So act now here and don’t delay!

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