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A Mace Hot Walker Pepper Spray Provides Handy Self Defense While Jogging

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A female buddy and I were standing around at the park when someone lost hold of one lifting weight in her hand all of a sudden . The weight rolled on our path and, when we tried to get it, the user cut in and motioned to seize it from the floor. She behaved as if she didn’t want us to pick up this ordinary looking weight.

It was too far gone for that as the weight’s cover had slipped and also the money it contained spilled on the pavement. We helped her, anyhow. As she thanked us and apologized during the exact same time, she explained awkwardly it had been a Mace Hot Walker.

When my buddy remarked the weight looked like any other small compartment inside, the jogger indicated towards the Hot Walker which was also in her own hand. It was actually a pepper spray while the other weight which fell off her hand is often regarded as a diversion safe. Together, they make an excellent, useful self defense weapon outside.

The encounter motivated me to carry a pair of Mace Hot Walkers anytime I am going jogging. They’re one-pound weights that are gripped easily because they’re coated in foam. The lady lost her grip on one Hot Walker because the elastic hand strap it came with was frayed from usage since she loved utilizing these so much.

I confirmed on the Web that one of the 1 pound weights consists of a spray canister with 12 grams of 10% Oleoresin Capsicum pepper. The spray can reach up to 10 feet, a safe distance to manage handy self defense between your self and the assailant.

Once the OC substance is sprayed on the face, it’ll instantly dilate the assailant’s eyes and induce them to seal. The mucous membranes will enlarge, inducing coughing, choking and difficulty breathing. He will also suffer from a burning sensation in the skin and will not be able to control the flow of tears.

Since pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons, these effects can last just for 45 minutes but that is more than enough time for you to flee and call for help. With Mace Hot Walkers within my hands while I am jogging, I won’t only have assistance in staying fit but additionally in keeping myself and my valuables secure.

The other Hot Walker is really a diversion safe that hides my belongings in plain sight. It is a safe place to store valuable objects for instance a wristwatch, keys and money. With its appearance as just an exercise weight, no one would believe that I’ve taken anything valuable along.

David E Wylkinson is one of the leading specialists on non-lethal self defense products. There are multiple options, which include stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms. He provides total support and education on how to use the products.

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