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A Pepper Spray Is Most Practical For My Self Defense

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My rotational assignment is fast approaching and I need to prepare for my transfer. My supervisor told me that the place to where I will be transferring is safe but my brother who has been to the place disagreed. He advised me to think about my personal protection.

This led me to search online on ways to give myself personal protection. A type of device called the pepper spray came up in my research and made me think that this could be the one I was looking for.

The first product I considered was the Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Tri-Pack. Rated at 2 million Scoville heat units, its 10% pepper spray is more effective because it is made of very fine grains than the coarser grains of most pepper sprays.

It also includes a 1/2 oz auto visor clip which I can put in my car, a 2 oz pepper spray for home use, and also a 1/2 oz pepper spray with a Quick Release keychain.

A shot from a pepper spray will cause shutting of the eyes. Profuse tears will follow, accompanied by difficulty in breathing and hot burning sensation in the skin. That is enough to stop anyone who will attack me.

Another model was the 9 oz Wildfire 18% Pepper Spray Firemaster. They claim it is effective against both human and animal attacks. A testing laboratory said that it is one of the hottest and fastest reacting sprays ever tested.

One pepper spray that I can use covertly in social functions is the Pepper Spray Pen. The spray is like a pen which makes it very convenient to use. It is a 10 gram unit and sprays up to 6 feet.

The 1/2 oz Pepper Spray Leatherette Holder is another device. It has a key ring and it can spray up to 8 feet with 5 second bursts. Its advantage is that by keeping the spray in my key ring, I will always be aware that it is there for my personal protection.

Lawanna A Bean is a well known professional on Self Defense Products and has a variety of stun guns, pepper sprays, personal alarms, Tasers and Mace. If you ever wonderedwhere do I purchase pepper spray, you now have a secure place to order.

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