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Back Pain Surgery For Disc Issues

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Back trouble is mostly caused due to a disk pressing on a nerve root. This type of back pain could be treated by non surgical treatments. However, in some cases surgery could be the best answer. There are many sorts of surgery that may be conducted to treat back stiffness caused due to disc problems.

Amidst varied other sorts of back trouble surgeries conducted for disc problems, discectomy is the commonest. This type of surgery involves the removal of either a portion or the complete disc that may be exerting pressure on the nerve root. Here in, the surgeon makes a little incision over the areas affected and takes away the sticking out disc. The rate of success of this sort of surgery is very high and is used to treat sciatica.

Microdiscectomy is a difference of the effective Discectomy procedure. Here, the difference is in the dimensions of the incision. A much smaller cut is made with a little help from a magnifying instrument such as an operating microscope. This smaller incision also indicates a shorter recovery time. Unsurprisingly, the microdiscectomy is one of the most popular options for the surgery of sciatica.

Disc issues can also be fixed with the percutaneous disk removal procedure. An endoscope is utilized for this operation. The tiny tube is inserted through a tiny incision in the skin. A small camcorder attached to the tube, helps the doctors find the problem area and evaluate it. Once the area’s been identified ; the surgeon will use special instruments to remove parts of the disk responsible for the effort of strain on nerve roots. Once cut, the parts are flushed out through suction thru the tube.

Like the rest, this surgery includes its own set of benefits and disadvantages. The positive points include the undeniable fact that it takes small time to conduct this surgery while not having to stay overnite in the hospital. Also, the time required for recovery is virtually unimportant and lastly- it’s a very cheap treatment for back pain.

Nonetheless on the negative side, a patient may not get definite results. It is quite possible the surgeon cannot view the areas affected properly and certain lose discs remain unobserved. Furthermore, even if the disk parts have been cut you can’t be sure that all of the difficult parts have been cut.

Most types of surgery- including those for back pain- have benefits as well as drawbacks. These must be carefully considered before option for such processes. Ideally, you should look for non surgical treatments for sciatica and different kinds of back pain before turning to surgical intervention.

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