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Candidates: Memorable or Forgettable? 4 Steps to Winning Elections

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Vancouver, Wash. (Vocus) January 18, 2010

Visible candidates with powerful brands win elections, counseled author Maggie Jessup, a publicist and personal branding expert, who keynoted Thursday’s dinner for prominent Washington Republicans. Candidates, committee people, and party supporters listened raptly as Jessup described the new playing field where candidate branding rather than party affiliation is what wins voter interest and support.

According to Jessup winning candidates follow four steps:

1st – Candidates must first build a personal brand based on their community and business activities, not their politics. “America’s leading voices all have a personal platform that describes who they are and what they believe in” said Jessup. “Voters know them from their non-political actions, their speaking engagements, their books, articles, and involvement with industry or cause-based organizations.” A powerful brand can then select their party affiliation when it’s time to announce their candidacy.

2nd – Winning candidates become great communicators; they tell their story and share their message in a concise and compelling manner. “You can easily tell the candidate with well-thought-out talking points and media training; they come across as intelligent, confident leaders and become our elected officials” remarked Jessup. “Good messaging is a success secret in every field but for candidates it is the difference between winning and losing.”

3rd – Candidates must get and remain visible. “No matter how great your platform and message, it’s not relevant unless people know you’re there. It’s a fact that a very visible candidate with great name recognition has an immense advantage over an unknown” said Jessup whose new book on branding, Fame 101 , launched this month. She added that political winners from the Kennedy dynasty to today’s President Obama are all as adept at celebrity-level publicity as any Hollywood star or best-selling author. Many voters equate media attention to credibility and so strategic publicity is a critical element to winning campaigns.

4th – Winning candidates plan ahead one or two or even three election cycles. Joe Kennedy knew that JFK’s end game was the presidency as he orchestrated the Congressional campaigns, an award-winning book, and even the ideal first lady. Jessup tells local candidates to learn planning from the presidential candidates: they are speakers at previous conventions, all publish books, and they train to become mediagenic. Then, when the timing is right, they can explode onto the stage as an “overnight success”.

“Maggie Jessup’s message is a wakeup call for the Republican Party. Voters no longer decide on party lines; it is the candidate and their message. We’ll win elections when we stand behind our strongest candidates rather than try to lead them to victory” said Republican strategist Kathy McDonald of KMAC Associates.

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About Maggie Jessup: Maggie Jessup, former investigative reporter turned publicity maven, is America’s leading publicist and a pioneering advocate for powerful personal branding. She works with candidates, best selling authors, celebrity scientists, iconic business leaders, and other remarkable people who want to expand their visibility, recognition, and income. In her new book Fame 101 Maggie reveals the promotion, business, and branding models of Martha Stewart, Barrack Obama, Suze Orman, Billy Graham, America’s best-known gardener, and 75 other members of America’s most-successful to demonstrate they all follow the same Fame Formula. Fame 101 is the ultimate guide to personal branding, publicity, and other success components for anyone wanting to increase their visibility, capture the power of a compelling personal brand, and monetize the results. Maggie co-founded Platform Strategy , an award-winning publicity and branding boutique.


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