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Careers: Is Paralegal A Good Career?

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To work as a paralegal either in a court or in a law firm, a person is required to have pertinent knowledge of law procedures. Individuals who want to become lawyers but are not yet capable of financing the study, may just take up some courses on law and legal processes, and work as a paralegal.

A paralegal usually assists lawyers in their legal works by providing legal research that is helpful in a case. He may choose to work as a paralegal consultant, especially when he is very good at his own craft. Paralegals are are now becoming more acceptable in many continents across the globe. However, they are not the same in every country. In Ontario, Canada, paralegals are licensed and regulates just like the lawyers. The Law Society of Upper Canada issues the certification that allows paralegal to provide legal services to the people. They can also appear at some lower level courts and administrative tribunals. But in many practices; paralegals are known to work as lawyers’ assistants.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of paralegals include: * helping lawyers prepapre for a hearing; * to do research for necessary materials as part of the prep; * doing research on decrees and case laws; * to interview clients and witnesses for the lawyer he’s working for; * to assist in recording excerpts of interviews being carried out.

To undergo a paralegal training, a person must have at least a high school diploma, or GED. However, individuals with bachelor’s degree have a higher chance of acquiring a job as paralegal in big law firms In the US, a paralegal training is pertinent to securing paralegal certification. Trainings and courses include basic introduction to the law, training in tort, employment and criminal law. A person taking a paralegal training must ensure that the course taken is approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) .

There are also online paralegal programs for people who prefer to study at home. However, the programs and the business conducting the training must also be registered under ABA; otherwise all fees, time, and effort will all gone futile. Many people prefer the online paralegal programs because they can study while working at the same time.

As for the salary of paralegals, newly certified individuals can get an average of $36,000 per annum. The payscale may differ from one country to another. After 5 years, the salary increases to $45,000; and $60,000 after 8 years in service.

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