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Carpal Tunnel Information

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Today there are more reported cases of carpal tunnel syndrome than at any point in history. Part of the reason for the increase is because of a shift in employment from physically demanding jobs of yesteryear to the technology infused settings we have today. Many people are taking work from the downtown office to the home office which if further exacerbating the issue. When you work at home most of the time, you will set for long hours banging on the keyboard, never taking scheduled breaks as you would in a structured environment.

Do you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome? There may be only one way to find out for sure and that is seeking the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. You may find that your hand, or hands, are swollen slightly, have a tingling or pins and needles sensation in your fingers or hand and may even experience numbness in part or all of your hand. Pain can range from mild to intense depending on the movement and placement of your wrist, and you may even have noticed a loss of strength in gripping or use of your hand.

Carpal tunnel can occur in one hand or both, depending on your own situation. It can be mild in one hand and more severe in the dominant hand. If you have noticed any symptoms in either or both hands, be sure to mention it to your family doctor as a treatment plan will need to be put in place in order to get both of your hands on the path to better health.

If you are suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome, a wrist brace can be an effective tool. Wrist braces can be used in a couple of different ways depending on your condition. For some a wrist brace may be required when you are performing repetitive motions and in other cases, you might only need to wear the wrist brace of an evening to speed the healing process. Either method of wrist brace use can be effective but you will need to talk it over with your physician as each person is different and the treatment plan for carpal tunnel syndrome can vary.

Other common treatments can include wrist exercises and stretches in conjunction with a wrist brace. These exercises will ease the pain and strengthen the hands and wrists, sometime stronger than they were in the first place. If your doctor has assigned exercises and stretches as a part of your treatment plan, you need to be sure to perform them diligently.

The road to healing can only begin with you and how proactive you are at using the tools needed in order to help your hands and wrists be well once again.

Keeping a wrist brace on at night can prevent prolonged wrist flexion or extension while you sleep. Be sure to take some time for your wrist stretches and exercises no matter if you are using the wrist brace during the evening, the daytime, or both. If you think you might be suffering from CTS, click on this link to learn some simple carpal tunnel exercises that can help stop the progression of CTS and relieve current pain.

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