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Following Up Marketing with E-mail

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E-mail gives you an extremely efficient and cheap way of sending your message out to customers and clients. And the simplicity and the excellent value that you can achieve using email as your major follow-up method is unrivaled.

Nevertheless before rushing into setting up your e-mail promotional program, it’s worth spending a little time to plan and make sure that it will deliver results for you. These are some basic ideas to get you started.

The subject line on the email is critical – most readers ignore straight marketing emails and so you must be a touch more creative with what you write, to urge them to open your email and read the contents. At the same time, ensure that your subject line reflects the content in some sense, like a paper heading reflects the story.

After grabbing their attention with a good headline, make sure the content of the email is worth checking out too. Do not only do a promotion – entertain or teach your readers so they enjoy receiving your emails.

Keep the sentences and paragraphs short. You’ll find that it’s simpler to read on-screen when there are no more than 3 lines of text together.

Perhaps the most import of all email marketing tips is to include a call to action to get your clients to get in touch with you, or buy something. Make sure you have some kind of call to action in at least half your e-mails.

Use opted-in emails for your marketing, because sending email to people who have not asked for them is just spamming, and you know how you tend to feel about receiving e-mail from someone unknown to you.

Ensure that no attachments are ever sent with your e-mails. The great majority of IT companies around the world advise that attachments are likely to be dangerous and this will simply mean that your emails can be blacklisted and are not likely to get read. Instead of having attachments on your e-mails, it is a great deal more effective to just add links to internet sites and other Net resources.

Prior to clicking the “send” button, make sure that you proof read every e-mail you send out to get rid of errors. Stupid spelling mistakes can reflect badly on the standard of services your business provides.

Lee Duncan is the writer of Double Your Business: Breakthrough The Barriers To Higher Growth, Turnover and Profit. He is also a leading business coach with a strong focus on your results.

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