Saturday, October 11, 2014 Increases Article Marketing Network, Adds Sophisticated Statistical Reporting

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Encino, CA (PRWEB) September 22, 2008 has enhanced their services, providing a powerful, effective article marketing solution, perfectly balancing automation with manual control.

Customers using the unique service now get access to an expanded network of sites and blogs as distribution points, access to more article directories and superior statistical reporting of potential keyword choices. Customers can try out the powerful platform for a free and without risk for 21 days. Witness the power of’s enhanced features, presented in a redesigned, new-look Web site.

In a competitive online media market, customers need any advantage to stay ahead of the game.’s new tools provide them with what they need to succeed. Using the very latest in artificial intelligence combined with cutting-edge crowdsourcing methods, the system allows users to generate keyword-rich articles, which are they distributed to a range of directories, blogs and Web sites and used to generate backlinks. now boasts and impressive number of over 3000 sites and blogs making up their article distribution network. This means they can provide relevant, quality content related to a vast array of different topics to appropriate sites. Furthermore, the service has increased the number of external directories they reach from 20 to 160, providing more places for people to look for quality content and more chances for content to be found and for backlinks to be established.

Their enhanced statistical services, boasting additional integration with HitTail Article Ghostwriting Stats and added Smart article statistics, easily allow customers to isolate and integrate the most powerful, appropriate keywords into their articles. HitTail’s powerful database is collected in real-time allowing users to asses the most accurate, up-to-the-minute data when choosing keywords. Selected keywords are sent directly to ghostwriters for crafting an article that is submitted around the Web at the touch of a single publish button

See’s new look, enroll in their 21 day free trial and discover how their improved features can put article marketing on autopilot.


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