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Cosmetic Dentists Liverpool Offer Inlays and Onlays

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Teeth are often extracted when they have rotted extensively. However, if they can still be revived, dental restorative procedures are applied to keep them intact without damaging adjacent dental structures. One of the dental restorations practiced by cosmetic dentists Liverpool is the installation of inlays and onlays.

Instead of filling a damaged or cavity-ridden tooth, cosmetic dentists Liverpool provide the service of inlays and onlays either for vanity’s sake or for medical purpose. As their names may signify, an inlay is bonded with the inner portion of the tooth, whereas an onlay covers the entire upper surface. As opposed to crowns, which are placed over the entire tooth, these dental methods preserve the portions of the tooth that are still healthy. They are usually made from a composite resin, porcelain and even sometimes gold. They are made of tough tooth colored material and they give a much more natural looking filling compared to the metal ones.


Dental inlays and onlays give more comfort and natural feel, preserve the look of the tooth, are not likely to discolor over time, and allow for normal teeth cleaning. When it comes to treating a tooth, they provide a seamless transition from the appearance, feel, and maintenance that you have become accustomed to. While these procedures are often thought of as being applied only on the upper surface of the tooth, they could work just as well between the teeth, right down to the gum line. This offers protection against further bacterial damage and fills those gaps between teeth without fear of unattractive discoloration in the future.

Cosmetic dentists Liverpool could suggest these solutions for whitening the teeth and restoring dental damage. A pre-installation check-up is compulsory for patients. The Liverpool cosmetic dentists would inspect the tooth which is supposed to be repaired. After taking measurements, the dentist would craft the needed restoratives to the exact specifications of the patient. The inlay or onlay must fit perfectly; otherwise, it would be obvious on the tooth.

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