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Creating a Squeeze Page Design

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Squeeze page design is actually related to your every day basic web page design. And if you’re still asking the question “what are squeeze pages?” it is great that you’re still reading. Actually, a squeeze page is a website page which is supposed to perform one thing and one thing only – to attract your site visitors to join into your directory so that you can formally have their agreement in the act of you sending them further emails and information. Primarily, a landing page design is however another kind of online marketing technique.

There are two types of a landing page. The first is the sales page. The sales page is generally a very long page that lists out all of the benefits and testimonials necessary to sell your product to the minds of your visitors. The second type of landing page is the squeeze page. There are many advertising and marketing specialists that would argue that aside from the home page and sales pages, the squeeze pages are at least equally if not more important. Why? It is because the squeeze pages are the only opportunity that the webmaster has to capture the contact information of the prospect.

The contact information represents the ability of the marketer to contact the prospect for future sales. Many marketers refer to this as the list. There are a small handful of qualities that all squeeze pages must have if they are to be effective. Additionally, these aspects are quite different from typical web site pages and the sales pages that may be part of the website.

Use a key phrase which will interest the visitor. Ensure that the phrase should straightforwardly deal with the customer’s dilemma and it should say that your merchandise is perfect for getting to the bottom of it. In case your design allows it, list the reasons why the website visitor must sign up. The list could contain the benefits that the merchandise will provide to the customer. And finally, your sign-up box has to be in a prominent position.

After you have mastered or constructed a squeeze page design for your site, the website guests will surely be coming in.

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