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Detox Cleansers – The Intelligent Way

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Detox cleanses have become popular in recent years. A body cleanse can be a process that lasts for just a few days or four weeks, it really depends upon the type of cleanse you are doing and the results you’re trying to get from your cleanse.

Are you cleansing to lose weight? Maybe you want to give your colon and digestive tract a clean slate by removing waste matter and toxins that have built up due to an unhealthy diet. Maybe you will do a water only fast to give your digestive system a complete rest. Whatever your reason for cleansing, your body will enjoy the break from your usual regimen and if you do your cleanse right you can really see some great benefits.

A detoxifying cleanse can be accomplished in many different ways.

There are a few detox cleanses for you to consider

“Change your diet” cleanse: This is the a common type of cleansing detox. This is where you change your diet and simplify what you eat for a period of time that can be a few days or up to a few weeks. A “change your diet” type of cleanse may mean that you eat only fruit and/or vegetables or another type of cleansing food during the cleanse.

Fasting cleanse: Another type of cleanse can involve fasting. Fasting is defined as abstaining from food. This type of cleanse requires that you take in a lot of fluids and these fluids flush out toxins from your body, especially from your colon and digestive tract. There are “water only” fasts, vegetable juice fasts, fruit juice fasts, smoothie fasts and other types of liquid fasts. Fasting is also one of the fastest ways to lose weight when cleansing.

Parasite Cleansing: Health practitioners believe that most of the world’s population is living with harmful parasites inside their bodies. They say that you can get these organisms by drinking unclean water or eating undercooked meat or by having poor hygiene. To do a parasite cleanse you usually will need to ingest a concoction of black walnut hull, male fern root, clove, wormwood and more. These special blends cause an unpleasant and unlivable environment for the organisms which causes them to depart from your body.

No matter what cleanse you do, it is recommended that you use simple organic ingredients so that you do not bring more toxins into your system that would contradict the healing process you are trying to create with the cleanse.

When you begin to research detox cleanses, choose one that works in step with your body to cause a natural discharge of toxins. Your goal at the end of a detox cleanse is to feel refreshed and revitalized and it really is attainable.

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