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Differentiating The Black And Brown Rats

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If viewed from a scientific position, rats are simply animals that belong to the Rattus species of the subspecies Muridae. In the animal kingdom, rats reign as the most supreme class of murids all over the planet. It has been thought of that the 2 common types of rats, which are the brown and the black rats, originated from Asia. The two rat species are now present throughout the entire planet.

Black Rats

Roof rats (known as Rattus Rattus) are also called black rats and ship rats. These rats are usually black in color, slender, 16-21 cm long & weigh about 80-300 grams. Their tail is longer than the head and body & their nose & muzzle are pointed. They are called roof rats because they are climbers. Their paws are built to climb and create nests in higher parts of homes, attics, rafters and crossbeams of buildings.

Barn Rat

The brown rat, which is also known as the Norway rat, house rat, gray rat, barn rat, & wharf rat, is one of the best-known & is the larger of the 2. Their scientific name is Rattus norvegicus. Their other name refers to their grayish-brown body, with a lighter colored stomach. A brown rat in full size is 18 to 26 cm long and weighs between 400 & 600 grams. Their nose and muzzle are blunt, and they have a tail shorter than its body. They prefer moist conditions & nest in deep burrows.

These rats breed when they are three to four months of age. They breed up to 13 times each year and produce 1 to 22 in a litter. Brown rats and black rats eat about the same things. Their diet typically consists of vegetables, fruits, cereals, meats, seeds, nuts, grains and invertebrates. They consume about a third of their weight in food everyday.

They carry deadly diseases, damage structures & contaminate food. Some of the illnesses potentially deadly to humans that spread through rats are salmonella food poisoning, toxoplasmosis, Weil’s disease and plague.

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