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Digital Keyboards For Amateurs And Professionals: How To Choose

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Commitment to training, talent and a top notch instrument makes a great pianist. Even the greatest piano virtuoso will find it difficult to reproduce his award winning pieces on a piano that is below par to begin with.

Some individuals who would like to learn how to play the piano are immediately dissuaded by the prices, especially on acoustic ones. If you are just starting to learn how to play the piano, you can get one that is reasonably priced, like a digital keyboard.

There are five general types of digital keyboards. First of which are digital pianos, which are good for those who are still starting out, because they are simple and easy to use. Arrangers are loaded with features that allow you to be a one-man band, that is, it can provide you automatic drum, bass and chord accompaniment. Those who perform onstage will require the richer tones of a digital stage piano. While not as feature rich as an arranger, the sound it generates is much bolder. Workstations and synthesizers on the other hand are for more advanced piano players. These types allow you sequence, record, edit music as well as manipulate waveforms. Because they are the most feature-rich of the bunch they also command the heftiest price tag.

Among the many brands of digital pianos available these days, low-priced but feature-dense Casio pianos remain to be in demand. They are best known for their topnotch beginner pianos which come built in with step-up learning systems. These portable keyboards also have music challenge feature which gives an element of fun to the learning process. High-end Casio pianos also have tri-sensor scaled hammer-action and ivory touch keyboards which gives its users almost the same audible and aesthetic delight of a concert piano.

For beginners, getting the CTK-2100 is a wise decision. It is a good buy at $170 because you already get a 61-key unit which already feature-rich. Tutees will find the voice fingering guide on the CTK-2100 very helpful during practices. It also has the AHL audio technology which reproduces the rich buttery tones of a real grand piano.

Feature-rich and inexpensive, the CTK-2100 is indeed a great buy for both beginners and intermediate piano players. Click here for more information on Casio pianos .

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