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Emini Trading School Market Profile Seminar: 6 Day Online Emini Trading Event

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Denver, CO (Vocus) October 6, 2010

October 30 – November 4, 2010 Emini Trading School will be holding a 6 day online seminar teaching the trading concepts of emini futures Market Profile Trading.

Market Profile is acknowledged as giving a trading edge to the retail trader as to what’s happening in the market between institutional buyers and sellers and what direction their large volume trades is taking the market.

Come and learn from the pros in the Emini Trading School Trading Room how to recognize this institutional activity using our proprietary Market Profile Indicator Software that plots automatic color coded Market Profile Levels on Ninja Trader or TradeStation.

Don’t miss this event to learn the missing link to Market Profile Trading using the Emini Trading School Trading Plan. With Market Profile trading, the trader will stop spending their evenings pondering why the market did what it did today, but see it as it unfolds in any market.

The Emini Trading School online seminar will reveal the nuances of the fundamentals of Market Profile.

Working with Market Profile Charts
Day Trading Market Profile
Integrating Longer Time Frames to Confirm Market Profile
Putting It All Together
Trading with a Plan


Fundamentals of Market Profile

Market Profile Theory and the Psychology of Trading the Market Auction Theory
Chart building
TradeStation Charts
NinjaTrader Charts
Software Installation
TPO Charts
Glossary of Market Profile Terms
The 4 W’s of Market Profile (What, Where, When, Why)


Working with Market Profile Charts

Composite Charts
Merging and Bracketing Charts
Understanding Key Market Profile Levels
Value Areas
Single Prints
Minus Development
Daily Spreadsheet Preparation


Day Trading Market Profile

Proprietary Opening Bell Trade
Trading Open Types
Trading Gaps
Trading Day Types
Trading the Initial Balance and Range Extension
Daily Spreadsheet Preparation


Integrating Longer Time Frames To Confirm Market Profile

30 Minute Charts for TradeStation
30 Minute Charts for Ninja Trader
Trading 30 Minute Bars
Managing Trades with 30 Minute Bars
Daily Spreadsheet Preparation


Putting It All Together

Adding the ECourse to Market Profile
Exclusive TradeStation and NinjaTrader Indicator application to Market Profile
Favorite Trade Set Ups for emini day trading and other futures markets, stocks and commodities
High Probability Trade Set Ups Including the 90%+- Proprietary Market Profile Entries
Market Profile Stop Placement
Daily Spreadsheet Preparation


Trading with a Plan

Daily preparation
Money Management
Portfolio Maximizer Training
Market Profile on other Markets
Recommended Reading With Highlighted Pages and Sections
Daily Spreadsheet Preparation


Complete Video Library (Archived Critical Information Recordings From Live Seminar)
Full PDF Manual
THREE MONTHS in the Trading Room
Pre-Market access for Current Day Direction
Follow up sessions each week for one month
Software discounts
Discounts to retake the Seminar
Mentorship Program
Referral Bonuses
Special pricing for trading partners
Live Interaction with moderators
Emini Trading School has been recognized for the most training screen time and its trading challenges with its competitors. Its principal was also a participant at the 7th Annual Psychology of Investing seminar at Harvard University. Click here for SEMINAR PRICING and FREE 3 DAY TRIAL and see the power of the Market Profile Auction Market Theory Software on NinjaTrader and Trade Station. ETS also offers its free Portfolio Accounting Software and Countdown Clock on the website.




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