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Exhibition Booth Design Ideas

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If your company is going to design an exhibit for a Trade Show or convention so they can promote their business, then you will want a strategy to display your exhibit. Pop up trade show displays are a useful tool to popularize your services and products while gathering new business.


Pop up displays come in numerous sizes and shapes. The first thing you have to do is to decide your budget your allowed budget for your display. Pop up display stands can range in the thousands. However , you do not have to spend that much cash to have a useful display.

Kinds of Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Pop up trade show displays come in a few different designs and your decision will depend on what amount of money you want to spend and what kind of pop up display stand will give you the most value. One thing about these stands is that they are are awfully flexible when it comes to change configurations. You can use pop up display stands with pop up graphics you can change for each event to make it seem like a completely different display. You can also add things such as banner stands so as to give your exhibition a different look. This should save everyone a ton of money compared to replacing your stand for every show.

Temporary Displays

For those of you who are not sure what sort of pop up display stand you need to use, it could be worthwhile for you to think about what is referred to as a Shell Scheme. A Shell Scheme is a stand that is prefabricated. The trade show organizers usually supply the stand, and your sole job is to put up posters and any other graphics on the walls of the display.


Whatever your preference, pop up trade show displays are flexible and can be moved, turned around, and manipulated for the best look possible regardless of where you are on the trade show floor. When picking a position on the floor, ask for a map of the exhibition center and make sure that your display will fit correctly and look pro in your chosen position.

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