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Expanding Your Business And Career With Facebook Friends

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If you want to expand your business or further your career, you need to expand your networking. Facebook is a major social networking site that gives you opportunity to meet and connect people, either for personal or professional reason. Read more to know about expanding your business or career by connecting with Facebook friends.

When you decide to use Facebook for networking purpose, you must be ready that some of your personal information will become somewhat public. You can reduce how much personal info to share through Facebook by creating two Facebook accounts, one for strictly personal life and the other for business and networking purpose. This also prevents you from accidentally posting something embarrassing on your Facebook profile.

Fill out the Info tab on your Facebook profile. Only give relevant information that enables people to recognize you. Upload several pictures that make you look professional and show off your warm personality. Do not post silly or intimate pictures that you do not want public to see.

You can shorten the URL of your Facebook profile page through the Facebook Username setting. Choose your username carefully since you cannot change it later on. Include this Facebook URL on your business cards so people can find you on the site easily.

Now you may start finding and friending people you know. These people include your colleagues, customers, experts in the field, or anyone you have ever met in professional setting. You might want to consider adding some of your personal friends or family to this account, unless you want to strictly separate your personal and business accounts. Facebook also has a Find Friends tool. You can type in emails from people you want to find to search for them on Facebook. If they are not on Facebook, you can invite them to open an account there.

You can expand your friend list by browsing your friends’ friend lists. Find people who you might know but not on your list yet. You do not have to personally know those people. These people might be experts, speakers, or someone famous. The next step is to send friend request to them.

Aside from friending people, you also need to be active on Facebook. You need to read updates from your friends and participate in discussions occasionally. You also need to post updates about yourself. Avoid negative updates. Do not give bad impressions about yourself to people who might check your profiles. Remember that you should present yourself to your Facebook friends as professional as possible through this account.

Want to know how people get more Facebook friends to their profile? Maybe this article on getting more Facebook friends will help you out in the long run.

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