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Fluid Coupling And ROTEX Coupling

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A hydrodynamic mechanism that’s used for transmitting rotating mechanical power is called a fluid coupling. Dr. Hermann Fottinger, a chief engineer at Vulcan Works, invented fluid Coupling in the yr 1905 invented the fluid coupling.

A fluid coupling is used as an alternative in car transmission instead of a mechanical clutch. Industrial machine drives and marine industry make the most utilization of fluid coupling, as they require express and variable operation with or with out controlled start-up action. Almost all of the 1930’s locomotives that ran on diesel used fluid coupling. A standard fluid coupling is made up of three main elements along with hydraulic fluid for support. The components are the housing and 2 turbines.

The housing in a fluid coupling is commonly known as shell and has a tight oil seal around its shaft drives that consist of turbines and fluid. While primary wheel of the turbines is connected to the impellor also called the pump or the input shaft or input turbine. The secondary wheel of the turbine is connected to the runner or also referred to as the output turbine.

Fluid Coupling Engineering Limited, United Kingdom is the world’s leading supplier of fluid coupling. One other nation famous for fluid coupling is India. Santram Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Orion Couplings, Premium Transmission Ltd., Shree Shakti Enterprises and Prayag Engineering Works are the main suppliers of fluid coupling from India.

ROTEX Coupling or Robotic Technology Experiment coupling is a easy to assemble, axial plug-in, free from maintenance, curved jaw coupling. A ROTEX Coupling can easily compensate for misalignments such as radical, axial and angular. A coupling that has given the most efficient and reliable support to the demand in the market is none other than the ROTEX Coupling. Any such coupling also provides totally different choices in terms of hub materials. One might select from either cast iron or cast aluminum or nodular iron or steel for the hub materials. ROTEX Couplingconsists of Hytrel and Urethane spiders and is available in three types of hub designs called long, regular and large as per client’s requirements. The bore sizes of a ROTEX Coupling goes up till 7.875 inches.

Mainland China is the main supplier and manufacturer of ROTEX Coupling. Jinan Golden Bridge Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Cangzhou Tianshuo Transmission Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tint Industry Co., Limited, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Minghong Coupling Factory and Sichuan Reach Jiayuan Machinery Co., Ltd., are a few famous producers and suppliers of ROTEX Coupling from Mainland China.

General Machineries & Industrial Sdn Bhd was established since 1999. We are the imported and distribution of power transmission products. Through the years, as we gathered experience, our company provided excellent and exceptional products to supply to OEM and dealer for whole Malaysia and Asia.

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