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Free Facebook Marketing Webinar with Mari Smith – 5 Facebook Metrics You Should Be Tracking!

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Filed under Facebook Marketing – Register now for your FREE Facebook Webinar! 5 Facebook Metrics You Should Be Tracking To Effectively Grow Your Business Using The World’s #1 Social Network Facebook is the largest online social network with over 600 million active users. To really thrive in today’s market, it’s essential that you integrate all that this giant platform offers. World-renowned Facebook marketing specialist, Mari Smith, will walk you through what you need to know about the recent Upgrades. Plus, she’ll help you to finally demystify Facebook Insights and discover the five key success metrics you should be tracking. In this packed session, Mari will help you to: • Clearly understand all Facebook’s changes and know how to take full advantage of the best features. (Hint: it doesn’t have to be time-consuming!) • Identify the two most misunderstood Facebook metrics — what you need to know and why. (Hint: most Page owners are getting a false read by focusing on these numbers). • Uncover the two Facebook stats most often completely overlooked and why they’re critical to measuring engagement. (Hint: not including these two numbers in your tracking can cause your Page to plateau). • Discover the five key areas to focus on for maximum results from your Facebook marketing efforts. (Hint: you’ll heave a sigh of relief with this simplification!) • Choose the most important, customized metrics to measure for your business success. (Hint: hardly anyone talks about these. This part alone
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