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How Copper Alloys Came To Be

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The improvement of copper nickel and copper aluminium alloys are an vital part of the marine production field, primarily for the reason that these metal alloys have opened a notable number of brand new possibilities and applications that were previously unheard of in marine engineering. But before we look deeper into the subject matter, let us find out how copper evolved into one of the most widely used metals in the known world.

Not long after man learned about the treasures that the earth had to offer, he began to dig for copper and utilized the metal in many of his most basic tools. The reason being that copper had a lot of traits which made it and its alloys as perfect metals to create a variety of equipment and crafts.

An aspect that makes copper exceptional is its good malleability, this made it simple for ancient blacksmiths and artisans who shaped and hammered the metal and its alloys into whatever shape that they preferred. Including the most basic tools such as eating and cooking utensils, to fine works of art like sculptures and figurines, to the shields and deadly weapons used by early warriors.

One of the attributes that make copper such a useful metal is its ability to literally withstand the test brought about by many elements of time. It is able to hold wear and tear at bay, and remain unfazed by variables leading to corrosion. A true testament to copper’s resistance are the a variety of copper made artifacts that were uncovered intact and in good shape even after spending thousands of years buried in sites of ancient civilizations. This is probably why copper, particularly its alloy, bronze, was so popular during those early days that one stage in human civilization was named as the Bronze Age.

As man moved into the modern ages, the developments in technology opened new possibilities for the functions of copper alloys, particularly in marine engineering. This is because of this exceptional metal’s ability to resist corrosion by salt water, a trait that is of the greatest significance in the marine manufacturing industry. From oil rigs, to watercrafts, to underwater pipes, the application potentials for copper alloys are boundless.

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