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How Fast Does Your Hair Grow?

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Our hair, as we all know, grows from 1.25 centimeters to at least 0.5 inches every month which means that we can expect an annual growth of about 15 centimeters or 6 inches in the year. It is necessary to understand certain factors to be able to answer “How fast does your hair grow?” Cells divide and multiply and the rate of growth of these determine the growth cycle of your hair as they are responsible of replacing old hair from the root. This rate of growth lessens as we age.

A healthy head can have as much as 100,000 hairs which last for one to six years. People can lose about 100 hairs daily and if this hair is not replaced then they can become bald.

Anagen, Telogen and Catagen are the three phases that constitute the life cycle of hair. The first stage is known as the Anagen phase when we first sprout hair from the follicles. It then goes through the Catagen phase, when cells stop dividing. During the final Telogen phase, new hairs that sprout replace old hair that falls out from what is referred to as the papilla.

Regardless of whether hair grows from the crown, nape or fringe, it works at the same speed. You may assume that a fringe or bangs will grow faster, but this is an illusion. People grow the fringe slightly above their eyebrows and this makes it look as if there is more growth in this area. You can also give the impression of longer hair when you wear a turtleneck. This again is an illusion because of the straight line of the turtleneck.

If you understand the above factors, you will not have to worry about your hair or ask others, “How fast does your hair grow?” Remember that your hair can grow about half an inch in a month so it will grow to maximum 6 inches a year. This again depends as hair grows faster for some people due to several reasons. Genetics plays an important role in determining the overall health and nutrition and exercise will influence the rate of growth of hair for each individual.

Gather together the appropriate knowledge regarding how to care for your hair and grow hair faster, and you will find that you obtain the best grow hair results.

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