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How Mystery Shopping Can Make A Difference

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I have discussed the critical components that guarantee a successful secret shopping program. In another article, Five Mistakes Companies Make When Choosing a Mystery Shopping Provider, I talked about the interest of choosing a provider who offers quality, trained shoppers:

” When looking for a certified secret shopping provider, it should be a company that can provide all the necessary areas, first, second and the tertiary skills that a shopper should find. There must also be a tracking procedure in place to assess the shopper’s performance. A top company can demonstrate the shopper’s talent for sticking to the expected method.”

Can you picture what it would be like if your secret shopping company sent the same person to your store every month? Before long, the frontline staff would catch on, causing the plan to lose its effectiveness.

This scenario happened to a Vermont bank. The whole workforce knew the mystery shopper, since this same person came in every month. This turned the whole process into a joke among the employees, while the whole program was defeated overall.

This prompted the bank to change mystery shopping providers, with two ultimate goals:

1. Employ a secret shopper company that would provide a shopper that came across as a regular customer.

2. Acquire accurate, reliable data on their employees’ customer service skills and level of service.

The bank chose a secret shopping company that promised to rotate different shoppers through the multiple branches each month. The company was also ready to tailor the program to the bank’s specifications. The factors this bank were researching were hospitality towards customers, accuracy of information conveyed on the financial products, the efficiency of transactions, and ability to cross sell products.

The secret shopping program helped the bank quickly address weaknesses. For instance, employees did not always address customers by name, so training was instituted to improve in this area. Employees were also provided with training on cross-selling through exploring the client need. Managers coached employees on how to close the sale without feeling “pushy”.

In order to ensure employee involvement, the bank offers rewards, such as hotel vouchers and bonus points that go towards product for those who get a great shopper report. Those with great scores also get in house recognition.

This demonstrates that having a program in place that researches the data in effective ways can impact the employee morale, the customer’s perception, and ultimately the company’s bottom line.

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