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How to do a Reverse Phone Lookup

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Phonebooks are the original way to find the phone number of someone or a business. The white pages list residential and business, while the yellow pages are all business organized by topic. Sometimes it is necessary to do a reverse phone lookup and special directories are available for this service. Reverse phone lookup services are guides along with a help telephone number that trace a phone number to a person rather than a person to a phone number. With a reverse telephone guide, you can find information that is attached with a certain number, whether it’s residential or business.

Police, hospitals, and fire stations use a service that calls your number back automatically with your details, such as your address. This is a very important feature for emergencies in case you are disconnected before you give your information to the police dispatch or hospital emergency room.

Using websites such as Facebook, My Yearbook, and search engines often match numbers to people. Just type in the phone number and you are guaranteed to find some details and usually a name to go with a phone number. The online white pages and yellow pages are also available tools at your disposal. The internet has been called a giant spying service by some, and that can most certainly be true if you are searching for information on an individual.

If someone just called you and you did not answer, then you have the *69 option, which dials the missed caller right back. Private numbers cannot be called back. Dialing *69 is not a true reverse phone lookup as it is merely dialing a number back. You may have already seen a name or company appear on your caller ID. Using the *69 service is highly effective, but only allows you to dial the last missed call. Other than that, you*69 will not be of much help to you.

As cell phones become more popular, it is harder to find out who is calling you, especially with a prepaid phone. There are no public directories for cell phones. There is also no 411 service that allows you to find the number to a certain individual or business.When it comes to performing a reverse phone lookup, it is generally relatively easy to find out who called if you use this simple guide. Try out different methods of looking up a reverse number, and you will almost always find the information you are looking for. The internet is probably your most valuable resource when trying to finding out whom that mysterious phone number belongs to.

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