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How To Eat Less Food To Lose More Fat

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If you are in a caloric surplus, you are not going to lose weight. The law of thermodynamics will prevent your body from changing.

But most people trying to get in shape do not know how to properly reduce their caloric intake.

Thus, here are some ways to reduce the amount of calories you are eating:

1. Eat foods with a low energy density: Interestingly, you will eat the same volume of food every day regardless of caloric quantity. So it makes sense to eat foods with a high amount of volume, but low amount of calories.

2. Workout a couple hours after breakfast: Doing this will make your body break down a lot of fat and stored carbohydrate to be burned as fuel. This in turn will decrease your hunger, to a certain extent. Also, early exercise will increase the proportion of food that goes to your active tissues.

3. Reduce your intake at night: Drastically reducing your intake right before bed is a great way to cut calories because you won’t feel it, you’ll be asleep. Just make sure you aren’t too aggressive here or you might not be able to fall asleep.

4. Eat lots of beans and legumes: You see, beans and legumes are loaded with resistant starch which does a great job at keeping you fuller for longer periods of time. So do your best to make beans and legumes your primary sources of carbohydrates.

5. Take some stimulants: But you have to be careful here because if you take too much you will end up blunting your hunger too much. And once the effects wear off you won’t be able to control your hunger, it will overtake you.

6. Modify your immediate surroundings: By doing this you will help prevent any potential options for deviating from your plan. Self control is limited, but changing your surroundings is a great way to ensure success.

Eating less calories is critical if you want to successfully lose weight. So take heed of the advice in this article sooner rather than later!

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