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How To Spot Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

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Are you aware of the symptoms that indicate hemorrhoids? Because there are different types and levels of severity, this condition affects everyone differently. In most cases, this unpleasant condition can be treated with home remedies and over the counter medications. If you have severe symptoms, or you aren’t sure if you actually have hemorrhoids, it’s always best to have your doctor examine you. Use the following as a guide to the most common signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids.

While most people just think of hemorrhoids as a single condition, medical professionals differentiate between internal and external hemorrhoids, and they also separate them by degrees of severity, ranging from first degree to fourth degree hemorrhoids. The biggest difference is between the internal and external type, as when you have internal hemorrhoids they are not visible without a medical examination. If you only have hemorrhoids occasionally, and your symptoms are not causing you extreme discomfort, you probably won’t need anything more than anti-inflammatory medication that you buy at the pharmacy or prescribed by your doctor.

Your doctor can quickly give you an accurate diagnosis by your symptoms, a physical exam, and also your personal history, etc. There are times when an anoscopy is used to view the rectal and anal condition, and that device just allows the doctor to be able to see. Hemorrhoids can be treated with dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, and even prescription medicines to keep the swelling at a minimum. Hemorrhoids often respond quite favorably to diet and lifestyle changes; however sometimes doctors need to perform surgery for severe conditions. Also, there are alternative remedies that can be found which can be effective, as well.

Thrombosed external hemorrhoids are very painful and almost always require a doctor’s care. This happens when a blood clot forms in the hemorrhoid, which causes it to get inflamed and swollen. When people have this medical condition, the pain is more painful when you are sitting down or having a bowel movement. These kinds of hemorrhoids, which are external, you can feel and they also produce small lumps. Many types of hemorrhoids will not cause any pain, however, if you think that you might suffer from a case of thrombosed external hemorrhoids, you must see your doctor at once due to the fact that you need more than OTC medicine. Many times, these kinds of blood clots can be taken away in your doctor’s office and treated as an outpatient procedure. Or, your doctor may give you a medication that will eliminate this problem altogether.

Hemorrhoids are an unbearable and painful ailment that cause many people to suffer for years. There are numerous cures, which include, natural cures, OTC medicines, prescription drugs, and even surgery in extreme cases. If you have hemorrhoids, you can begin decreasing the severity by sticking to a better diet, drinking a lot of water and taking The above tips have hopefully clarified a few of the signs of hemorrhoids so that you will know if you are suffering from it.

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