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Hypertension 101 – Prescribed Medications For High Blood Pressure

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Benazepril is one of the most common prescribed medications for high blood pressure. More often, two or more drugs are needed for better results. It is called drug-combinations, and is often prescribed by the physician to treat moderate to severe cases of high blood pressure.

Diuretics are also named “water pills”, for the reason that these drugs stop water retention. Diuretics function in the kidneys and flushing out the excess sodium and water in the body to be excreted.

Beta-blockers help minimize the impulses of the nerve to the blood vessels and to the heart, thus producing the heart beating slowly and with lesser force than before. This can make the blood pressure levels drop as well as the heart will function less.

ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) Inhibitors like Benazepril can avoid the formation of angiotensin II hormone which is responsible for the narrowing with the blood vessels. ACE inhibitors medications can cause the blood vessels to relax thus dilating its core and also the blood pressure levels then go down.

Angiotensin antagonist medications can shield the blood vessels against angiotensin II. This will result into wider core of blood vessels and the blood pressure levels go down.

Calcium channel blockers will prevent the calcium from entering into the muscle cells with the blood vessels plus the heart. This may cause the blood vessels to relax.

Alpha-blockers medications aid lessen the impulses of nerves to the blood vessels, which then makes it possible for the blood to pass simpler therefore causing the blood pressure levels to go down.

Alpha-beta blockers medications works the same as the alpha-blockers do. In addition, alpha-beta blockers can slow the heartbeat just like beta-blockers also do. Just like a combination of the 2 medications. It will result into lesser blood pumped in to the blood vessels and the blood pressure levels will eventually go down.

Vasodilator medications directly dilate or ‘open’ the blood vessels by relaxing the vessel walls. It will cause blood pressure to go down.

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