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I Employ Hidden Cameras Security Systems Like The Alarm Clock Hidden Camera With DVR & 8 GB SD Card To Supervise My Children

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My daughter is naturally precarious. At first, we took it as just part of her personality but she started disobeying us. What bothers us the most is that she lets some of her male friends in her room where they will stay for long periods of time.

I purchased the Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with DVR and 8 GB SD Card. I placed this in her room. It is among the hidden cameras security systems that need no installation.

It is concealed smartly that my daughter did not notice that it is a hidden camera. It is a fully functional alarm clock, and since it is one of the self-sustaining hidden cameras security systems, I do not have to install any external drivers.

Cameras like these are a complete system so no external hardware is required. The unit that I have has all the components that it needs in order to work.

Hidden cameras security systems like this feature motion activation, which is useful because the moment that my daughter enters her room, the camera will start recording. It also has motion detection area masking which I use to mask the area where her pets are, so they will not trigger any filming.

I can view the recordings through the 8 GB SD memory card inserted into a computer. I can also view these on a TV connected to the camera by the RCA cable.

The footage are labeled with each ones time and date. The color camera is equipped with an image sensor of 1/4 inch CCD and a 380 line resolution.

After some time of surveying my daughter, we were unhappy to confirm that she and her friend were exploring prohibited drugs in her room. Hidden cameras security systems like the Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with DVR and 8 GB SD card enabled us to help our daughter in the earliest time possible. It helped us in solving the problem immediately.

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