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Internet Advertising And Why You Should Use It

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What will the future bring for advertising? Will it be more billboards, newspaper ads, movie plug ins, and other old fashioned methods? No, it will be internet advertising. Internet advertising will grow and grow, and be utilized far more than other mediums for advertising. Even through struggling times in 2010, internet advertising had over 22.8 billion in revenue, passing newspaper revenue for the first time.

Its overall revenue had also increased 15% prior to the year before, demonstrating its ability to grow even through tough times. One question persists. Why is internet advertising so effective? Immense penetration of the market. In the US alone, 78.3% of the population uses the internet.

Records. Marketers can now track the behavior of users online and pinpoint who to target and how. This allows even more specific and personal advertising, as opposed to sending messages to broader demographics.

Interactivity. With a mouse and keyboard, a consumer can get much more involved with a product as opposed to reading about it from a newspaper or watching a TV ad. With viral campaigns, and social games being a craze, potential consumers now come across online ads that they can share, play, customize, and more, getting more deeply involved with the product as time goes by.

Inexpensive. For the most part, online advertising is cheaper than most mediums of advertising (Especially Super Bowl half-time ads). Creative companies will also think of campaigns that are almost cost free, such as using a video service such as YouTube for contests, or their own home video campaigns.

Potential. The internet grows exponentially every day. More and more people have access to it. The Earth is leaning more and more towards digitization. It’s plausible that one day everyone will be plugged in to the internet, one way or another.

With such positive influence to be had over the internet, there is no reason not to use internet advertising. With all the possibilities at a relatively cheap price, internet advertising looks to be the normal medium for advertising in the future.

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