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Is It Possible For One To Train A Cat

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Many people always wonder; can you train a cat? They are known to be very intelligent creatures hence if a need arises for training, a lot of time will not be needed to do so. The animal does not need to be moved to a different place to be trained or the training to be carried out by a qualified vet but the training can be done from home by anybody.

If the cat behaves in any way that is not acceptable the owner should spend some time trying to find out the main reason for that behavior and then come up with a conclusive plan on how to correct it if at all it is necessary.

A cat can be trained to behave in a desirable way to an extent of carrying out instructions issued. This requires some patience as each of the desirable skills has to be taught one at a time until well reinforced then one can move to the next.

The animal requires a favorable environment for the training to be successful. This is because cats are easily distracted hence they lose their ability to concentrate. Time used for each session should be limited but regular. One should not also keep on changing the routine which is already established in terms of the person carrying out the training and also the kind of reinforcement given.

There are several useful skills that they can be trained to carry out. One of them is using the litter box to relieve themselves. The first thing is to find out the reason why it is not using it for the right purpose. One can then proceed to give it a reward each time that it uses it and punish it using an effective method when it does not. One way of punishing it is by using a jet of cold water to squirt it with because this is one of the things it hates.

To stop them from climbing onto certain areas for example special window sills one can lace the area with fragrant citrus fruit which will repel it because of the acidic smell that cats hate most. The answer to the question of whether one can train a cat is therefore a resounding yes.

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