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Kanye West Email Marketing Genius

August 17, 2011 by  
Filed under Email Marketing Kanye West Good Fridays music release before his album release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was one of the smartest marketing tactics I’ve ever seen. What Kanye West did was unheard of in the hip hop industry let alone the music industry. His marketing team used direct response marketing and in return I bet earned tons more album sales. Direct response marketing means hey I’ll give you this if you opt in. Since soo many people opted in to get the Good Friday tracks he built a huge emai list. With these lists he was able to keep fans updated with new tracks and of the release of the album. Now a few months after the album has been released he still has their name and email and I bet continues to make money off of his list by emailing them promotions to his shows, clothing, affiliate links to other rappers albums or clothing, etc. Smart smart move by Kanye West and I bet his list is only going to grow larger. Cheers http
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