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Look at the Past to Achieve a Healthier and Stronger Lifestyle

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The view of our dentist Van Nuys CA would be that a healthy body is the most prized commodity after acquiring a ton of money…or so it seems. We all want to be healthy and live lengthy lives but we don’t seem to want to have to work hard for it or have to watch the food we eat. Many of us wish to actually eat whatever we would like and then have a number of pills to put things right. However, it doesn’t work that way. Mankind evolved to wander the plains or, at least, the pavements. We were not designed for a sedentary lifestyle by sitting on the couch or being tied to a cubicle. To stay healthy, we should exercise at least 3 times a week for thirty minutes, and consume a balanced, varied diet. While health supplements can help us get the necessary vitamins that we might be lacking from our diet, they aren’t a cure-all. Humankind evolved on the diet of berries, roots, vegetables, fish and then meat. The primitive man’s diet was quite different from our diet today. Clearly there was no McDonalds or Twinkies back then, which means the primitives were eating a whole lot better than how people are eating in present times.

The advent of farming meant that more people could be sustained wheat and corn produced from the land. This habit continues to the present where we are consuming a sizable volume of processed starch as well as other very high carbohydrate foods that are low in nutrients. They provide energy, but not much else, so we don’t need so much energy since we lay on the couch instead of hunting prey or running from predators and rival clans. This means that a lot of the energy potential we take in with our food is not utilized, but is converted to fat instead. Increasing amounts of carbohydrates in our diets, together with saturated fats, has led to the existing obesity epidemic as well as resulting in medical conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease that could have been avoided.

We ought to take a cue from our forebears and adopt a better diet regime by reducing refined carbohydrates and saturated fats, as these are the worst kind of foods for the well-being of our bodies. When they’re combined in foods like pork pies and pastries or fast foods like cheese burgers and deep-fried chicken, they should include a health warning!

The dentist Van Nuys CA has an acceptable understanding of good nutrition and, like the majority of physicians, will concur that our diet today is less than satisfactory in the United States. We should try to be more knowledgeable with regards to a proper diet and take steps to correct our own where required. It can be hard when we’re too busy to find time and energy to prepare well-balanced meals, but it is worth the effort, and there are many modern recipes using fresh ingredients which don’t take too much time to prepare. If you’re not getting at least five portions each day of fresh fruit and vegetables then you should perhaps think about taking nutritional vitamin supplements in order to make up the deficit.

If you need advice on exercise regimens or vitamin supplements, be sure to ask your doctor and your dentist during your medical and dental consulting sessions because they know your health history and can advise you properly on what steps you need to take to maintain optimal health.

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