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Needed Information About Plantar Fasciitis NYC

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The foot is an integral part of the body. It provides the support and mobility for a person to move around. Issues with the feet are common and uncomfortable. Many people suffer from plantar fasciitis NYC and there are ways to prevent it from occurring.

Plantar fasciitis is a condition in which the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot swells or becomes irritated. This condition can become quite painful. There are reasons for this disorder. For instance, athletes are prone to this condition. Risk factors include being obese, having a sudden weight gain, having foot arch issues or even utilizing shoes with poor arch support.

Symptoms become evident quickly. A person will feel pain in the heel. The pain will subside later in the day but will typically return at night. It will cause the area to swell. It can turn red and be tender.

Finding a doctor is not difficult and may be a good idea if someone suffers from this. A primary doctor can make a referral to a specialist. This specialist also called a podiatrist specializes in everything to do with feet. If the doctor cannot provide a referral to a specialist then a patient can look in the phone book, online or use the word of mouth of others.

There are some initial treatments that can help the condition. A physician may recommend heel exercises that stretch the area. Also anti inflammatory medications may be prescribed. Follow the doctors instructions to the tee in the hopes of healing the area quicker.

Home treatments can be quite effective. Ice the first few days. Do not forget to rest the area. Elevate the foot could not hurt either. These three tips will help eliminate the inflammation. When icing the area, do not place ice directly on the skin as it could cause frost bite or damage the skin. Make sure to cover the area with a dish towel or washcloth prior to placing the ice on it.

Rest is also a recommended practice with this condition. Stay off the heel as much as possible. Use ibuprofen every six to eight hours to help reduce the swelling. Wear the correct size shoes. Also a splint at night may be needed.

Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition suffered by athletes. Follow the physicians advice and treatment plan of care. Rest as much as possible. Use ice as instructed. Reduce the swelling and irritation by taking medications as prescribed. Sometimes a steriod injection may be needed if the condition does not improve.

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