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New Email Marketing Forum Offers Answers to Tough Questions

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CLEVELAND, Ohio (PRWEB) October 18, 2006 -–

There is a reason why email marketing budgets have increased in 2006: it works. Email marketing has quickly become one of the most effective methods for communicating with both potential and current customers and clients.

Unfortunately, information about the email marketing industry is often hard to find and usually presented by websites with less-than-trustworthy reputations. Many online articles and white papers have been published offering mixed advice and self-serving agendas.

Until now, there was no place for businesses and marketing professionals to find answers to their email marketing questions.

The new Permission Based Email Marketing Forum discusses current industry issues such as Successful In-box delivery, Can-Spam Compliance, ISP Relations, Bounce Filtering, and many more. This first-of-its-kind message board consolidates expert information about the email marketing field into a single online community, which can be viewed online at Registered users can create a unique profile, post new questions and topics, and even communicate with one another via secure email.

“It’s a very exciting time in email marketing,” said Joe Soltis, Fathom SEO’s Director of Permission Based Marketing. “Marketers are finally beginning to realize what can be gained from an effective permission-based email marketing campaign. Not only are marketers seeing greater customer loyalty, but they are also beginning to integrate email marketing with other marketing initiatives. As a result, marketers are seeing a huge jump in their ROI.”

Perfect Pass is a service of Fathom SEO, an industry leading email marketing company located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Call Joe Soltis at 216-369-2220×139 or 866-726-5968×139 for more details.


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