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Plan to Be Successful with your Trade Show Displays!

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There are lots of factors that make a contribution to the successfulness of your trade shows. One significant part is the person you select to design your exhibit. Choosing the best designer is crucial to ensuring the absolute best trade show displays are created.

That being said, before considering a designer, you need to know exactly where your booth will be set up in the trade show room. This includes knowing where the entrances to the hall are, where Web stations are located, as well as where large exhibitors, concession stands, main corridors, the competition , any partners and their trade show displays are found. The layout, ceiling height and lighting available also play critical roles in how a designer should go about planning your exhibit.

You also have to give potential display designer prospects an idea of what your targets are with the display. What exactly are you hoping to do? Are leads the most vital reason you’re at the trade show, or are you hunting for brand attention and/or a product introduction? Do you want potential clients to be drawn in because of an interactive display, or do you only want them to stop by to pick up a pamphlet? A competent designer, who knows everything there is to understand about trade show displays should ask you these questions.

Creative trade show displays designers will have a clear understanding of the necessity for balance when it comes to function , aesthetics and delivering the planned selling message. The designer must be capable of strategically separating your display from others, particularly the competition. There must be a factor of uniqueness that draws the attention of the prospects away from the mass of video monitors, towers and hanging signs.

From a graphic viewpoint, most trade show attendees look at the graphics and other information on trade show displays very similar to they read a book from the left top of page to the right bottom. Therefore , a display set up the same way, with main points placed on the top left, with other points following makes the most sense. The display should end with a personal message which will leave a noteworthy image in the reader’s mind.

In the know trade show displays designers will always stick by the principle that “less is more”, and won’t create excess verbiage or graphics that leave the viewer confused and unimpressed. Designers who work on giant formats like signs will ordinarily understand this concept.

Ultimately, urge your designer to incorporate a question into the display, which causes passers-by to stop and think. For instance, if your display is promoting a fresh product, the question might be, “Why do you expect this fresh product will probably sell better than other competitive products?” The answer may be, “Because this fresh product is better than any competitor and will sell more.” In most cases, a thought-provoking question will lead on to some type of conversation between the attendee and a member of your staff.

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