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(Ruth Sherman) on (Schwartzenegger) & Personal Branding – Public Speaking, Media Training

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Filed under Personal Branding I’m never surprised when famous people behave badly. They’re only human after all, and their behavior is usually not any different from the population at large. What continues to amaze me, however, is how oblivious they become to the prospect of getting caught and the tremendous damage this ignorance can do to a personal brand. I want to focus on Arnold Schwartzenegger, who admitted to fathering a child of a member of his household staff 14 years ago and the method by which he came clean. In order to run for Governor of CA, Schwartzenegger, with the help of powerful friends and his own family, successfully beat back allegations that he had habitually sexually harassed women throughout his acting career.In doing so, he formed a bond and a trust with the public, who were led to believe he was that double-threat, a successful business person AND loyal family man. (We insist our politicians have “family values.”) I would argue that this trust was broken not so much by the behavior itself, but by the decision he made to keep the secret from the very people it would impact most — his wife and children — until he left office — that is until it was good and convenient for him. All those “truths,” just lies! Poof goes the brand! We can all learn from watching these types of stories unfold, even if we’re not famous. First, if you’re in a business and something goes wrong, the media will converge. You have to be ready. Have a plan in place. Second, do it quickly
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