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Safe Driving Tips

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It’s not a good idea to be out on the road late at night because drunk drivers are more likely to be out during this time. Many people will go out on Friday and Saturday nights and unfortunately, some will drive home while under the influence.

If your friend is intoxicated, never get in the car with them under any circumstance. People get killed in drunk driving accidents every day; don’t let your friends drive drunk and don’t get in the car with them either. Drunk driving is actually a factor in one third of all automobile accidents.

If you can help it, it’s a good idea to avoid rain or snow. Many accidents happen when it’s raining. In addition, visibility is also reduced during poor weather. If you have to drive, remember to to turn on the headlamps in order to make sure that other cars can see you. Rain can also make the roads a lot more slippery.

Always look twice to make sure that no one is running a red light. People run red lights every day and t-bone accidents are the most dangerous and possibly fatal. The problem is that people who run red lights usually accelerate so they are probably going faster than the speed limit, in some instances even over 60 mph. Make sure that all the cars are stopped even when the light is green.

It’s not enough to just look in the rearview mirror when you make a lane. It is possible for a car to be stuck in your blind spot and obscured from your vision. Not looking when you are driving at a fast speed, like on a freeway, can lead to serious accidents.

Some drivers only look at the car directly in front of them. However, that doesn’t give you sufficient time to react if there is a crash down the road ahead. You want to always look at the road ahead in order to have a good view of everything.

Most people think that most accidents happen on the freeway but accidents can also happen in parking lots. Parking lots can be hectic if there are a lot of drivers around and pedestrians. Always be careful when backing out.

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