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Sleep Issues and Pregnancy

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Many people joke about not sleeping after the child is born, but pregnancy brings its own collection of sleeping issues. Obviously women expect to be uncomfortable by trying to sleep with a growing belly, but there can be many other surprising nighttime issues. A woman’s body goes through many amazing changes when she becomes pregnant and many of those are surprising the first time you experience them. Many women are shocked to experience the many different and challenging side-effects of going through pregnancy.

Leg cramps at night: Changes in vitamin intake, dehydration and the quick weight gain of becoming pregnant can often be reasons for cramping leg muscles during the night. Many women suffer from unexpected nighttime leg muscle cramping. There are a number of preventative measures for muscle spasms, but be sure to ask your primary care professional before using them. Leg muscle cramps may occur at any period during the pregnancy, but they are most common in the 3rd trimester.

Heartburn issues: It’s no surprise that many women should have issues with digestion during pregnancy. The intestines and other bodily organs are being pressed together to make room for the expanding baby and that tightness often affects the digestive system the most. Pregnant women can not always be able to avoid heartburn and constipation problems because some medications designed to alleviate these symptoms are not safe for pregnant women.

Frequent urination issues: Pressure against the urinary system and added pressure on the kidneys can cause some women to urinate four to five times a night. There is some debate over how much being pregnant contributes to adult bed wetting. Many pregnant women suffer through one or more unexpected nocturnal bed wetting episodes during their pregnancy. Almost all pregnant women experience a growing need to urinate much more frequently than they are used to.

Different sleep problems will come and go during the length of a pregnancy, and not all women have the same sleep challenges. Pregnant women should be ready for sleep difficulties by their physicians in advance. Many doctors advise expectant women to sleep with padding around them for comfort and to sleep on their left side to help avoid some of these sleep issues.

For most women being pregnant is a wonderful time, but it’s also important to take good care of your health. Speak regularly with your doctor if you have any of the above sleep issues. There is help available for enuresis in pregnant women.

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