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Sole E35 – Your Personal Home Trainer

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Sole E35 elliptical rated by a number of leading consumer magazines as well as websites as one of the best buys so far this year. Sole E35 is your ultimate personal trainer that you can put in your bedroom, garage or basement. It is the ultimate full-body home training solution for individuals who are looking to enhance their fitness levels from the comfort of their own home.

The manufacturer has incorporated the following features making Sole E35 elliptical the best there is in the market:
– A bulky 25 lbs. fly wheel. This has been done with an aim to ensure smooth performance.
– Prebuilt cooling fans. This ensures that your body is not all sweaty as you train.
– Assimilated sound system which you can be connected to your iPod.
– Power incline feature. This has been incorporated with an aim of offering resistance to different muscle groups.
– Interactive LCD screen. This provides you with information on distance covered, time taken to cover a given distance and resistance.

As a result of these combinations, the trainer provides users with an enormously effortless performance in addition to extra high-end resistance. Generally speaking, the machine can be compared to a costly certified personal trainer. All the information you need about your daily workout has been included in the system. The ramp can be adjusted to any preferred position by simply pressing a button. The design is in such a way that the ramp can be adjusted from an angle of 30-degrees upwards so that the user can know the individual muscles to target.

If you lack the time to go to the gym every now and again and funds to hire a personal trainer who can help with your workouts, then this is the machine for you. Everything that a trainer would have told you has been incorporated into the machine. The LCD display function in showing you the resistance, calories burned, distance covered, time taken and pulse rate. There are also additional add-ons on the console such as built in speakers which you can connect your iPod to or any portable MP3 player to, a prebuilt cooling fan to keep you fresh through the whole workout and water bottle holder. Generally, the manufacturer has included everything that you need to make your training session comfortable.
The E35 would not have been complete without the double heart-rate-controlled training alternatives. This is to enable you to tailor your training session so as to suit your specific needs. As you train, the Sole E35 will show your heart rate in form of a graph on the LCD display. As such, you can adjust the console appropriately to ensure that you are within your target zone.

To ensure that your training sessions are smooth, the manufacturer has incorporated a gigantic, tailor-made foot pedals to the machine. The pedals have been designed in conjunction with leading physical therapists as well as sports fans. The pedal has been designed with a 2-degree inner slope which assists in minimizing the stress applied to the ankle as well as the knees. Moreover, the foot-beds are flexible so that users with varying sizes can locate the exact position for their requirements. All the foot pedals provides three changeable settings as well as pivots at the toe.

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