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Starting Locally, Moving Globally: Search Engine Rankings In Singapore

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Search engine rankings in local search engines most likely are faster and easier to accomplish than in or but you have to make sure that the major search engines comprehend your web site plus your contents as applicable for the local Singapore audience or whichever local market space you’re wanting to show up in.

Showing up in a local search results for instance is simpler for those who do these:

First, run your web site through a or .sg site (or the local counterpart, eg or, second, host your site on the Singapore hosted server (so your server IP is in Singapore), and third, direct Google (using Webmaster Tools– login using your Gmail account) that your web site is localised to Singapore.

When you do any of the above, then you’ll rank higher in Pages from Singapore or your local counterpart.

If you happen to run your web site through a .com, .net or .org, then you should make a clear determination in regards to the physical location of the market space. So for example, we started our SEO service in Singapore but we at this moment serve clients globally. Currently we have a setback. We’re one of the leading top three search engine optimization companies in Singapore, we’re No.3 right now in Pages from Singapore, a position which we’ve held tightly for just about two years now, and up until of late we had been showing as the No.3 SEO company in Pages on the Web as well.

Right now, just this week, two competitors have pushed us down inside the pages from the web. We’re ‘anchored’ to Singapore within Google Webmaster Tools, notwithstanding running our site through a .com domain. We have been debating in our group if we should ‘un-anchor’ ourselves from Singapore and take our chances in the .com world.

The choice for us is simple bearing in mind we now have two years of contents and movement that ties us to Singapore and our web domain is hosted in Singapore. So as our opponents are actually taking our spots, we’ll relinquish our Webmaster Tools tied to Singapore this upcoming few days.

In case you are inexperienced with the world wide web and your site has not been around for especially long, and albeit you have a .com site however your physical business comes from a particular single country, then we would suggest that you just anchor yourself primarily to a local country (can help foster business and local traffic), after which later on let go yourself, and take the plunge into the .com arena.

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