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The Best of Both Worlds: Classic and Trendy Wedding Band Variations for Men

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Some experts who watch trends in men’s platinum jewelry as well as other types suggest that the interest in decorative pieces to accent apparel is influenced by the age factor more than anything else. There are also cultural trends that affect the male interest in items like necklaces or bracelets and have provided a way for a young man to identify to certain groups.

More interest is shown in the male consumer group from the ages of 18-45 than in any other age group. Sales promotions are generally targeted in that direction while attempting to retain the typical consumer group of one time buyers for groom’s rings and everyday watches. Mainstream men’s silver jewelry has not been a broad trend until signs of wider appeal are burgeoning on the horizon of the market.

Trends in men’s platinum jewelry have been relegated largely to cultural overtones that influence who will purchase what. For example, up until the past several years, the increased wear of platinum medallions and hip hop style decorations pigeonholed a certain trend of ‘gangsta’ identification among young males. Another trend was seen in the stereotypical, flashy jewelry of rock stars and counter culture influences.

Many consumers have shied away from wearing men’s silver jewelry because of the association it may bring to their wardrobe. However, due to the swing in trends through mainstream movies and media influences that depict masculine movie stars wearing diamond studded cuff links or onyx rings, the shift in mainstream, male interest for various wearable items is occurring.

Many couples choose the metal for their bands by matching it to their engagement ring. However, don’t feel bound to this. A bride can choose to wear her engagement ring on her right hand, and wedding ring on the left. Also, each of you can wear a similar style in different metals. Consider which metals each of you wear regularly – is most of her jewelry silver? Is his watch gold? This makes all the difference and these simple guidelines will help you make the right choice.

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