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Three Novel Slogans For Custom Made Coasters

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Mother’s day is over. However, that doesn’t mean that she does not deserve any gift at all. Make every day special by supply you mom a special gift. It would be sweet if you will supply her an experience of a lifetime. You can easily deliver her all the luxury in life even in a short period of time. She will never forget it and these memories will be treasured forever. On the other hand, if you can’t seem to furnish them royal pampering fit for a queen, you can perpetually stick to the basics and hand them gifts. Try to present them presents that are created out of pure love, effort and time wholeheartedly.

Undoubtedly, even the simplest promotional coasters can be a memorable Mother’s Day reward principally if it is made along with the three imperative elements of love, time and effort. No matter how cheap it may be in the eyes of others, your mom will surely treasure it more than how they treasure their most extravagant jewelry laden with diamonds and various gems. Aside from these three essential elements, what can make these promotional coasters unique? Well, it is actually the unprecedented heartfelt slogans that serve as the icing of the cake. Reading those wittily composed messages can make her laugh her heart out, make her cry to death or both. What kind of funny watchwords you can infuse to these custom imprinted coasters? Here are some samples that you can perpetually shoot for.

Mom I Love to Fancy

Mamas being tagged as M.I.L.F. may encounter mixed emotions. It may offer her a feeling of being fantasized and it isn’t admirable all the time. Secondly, it is a double edged flattery. Of course, only stunning’ and sexy mothers are labeled like that. Although, since she is you mom, just substitute that F word with other words like fascinate, fancy or anything that would rhyme to it. This is also a double edge sword that would make you mother blush and laugh at the same time.

Thanks For Wiping My Ass With Tissue and Pure Loving

This might sound like a silly watchword but it is really touching at the same time. This is one way of appreciating your mama for taking good care of you when you were a little boy or girl. You can also imprint the phrase, “thank you for wiping my buns” in these promotional products and offer it to her.

My Mama So Pretty, I Look Like Britney (or Celebrity)

Yo mama jokes are usually offensive and meant for insult. Reverse it by naturally saying positive things about your moms. She will definitely appreciate a custom personalized coasters with such kind of slogan. Positively, she’ll appreciate it with a smile in here lips and drops of tears in her eyes.

These are three extraordinary slogans that you can permanently imprint on your custom printed coasters. You mom will surely love the thought of providing them a gift that is fabricated straight from the heart.

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