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Use Extendable Police Batons Online For Self Defense

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I decided to move in with two of my friends in college after graduation. We thought that it would be safer that we bring telescopic steel police batons with us for protection. So we opted to buy expandable police batons right after we transferred together.

The three of us became friends back in college since we all studied the same course. We realized that our personalities meld as well. We became more like sisters and that was the reason we moved in together right after graduation.

It was one of my friends’ idea that we buy expandable police batons because of a bad experience she had with a mugger when she was on her way home from work. She came home that day determined to be armed with self defense weapons.

She insisted that we buy expandable police batons since they have an extended reach. She already got the 26 inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton for herself after that traumatic incident.

I only had pepper sprays and knew little about telescopic steel police batons. My friend’s advice was that I start with the 16 inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton. Our other friend likes to party a lot and often goes home late. She recommended that this friend buy the 21 inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton.

She also thought that all of us should procure a screw-on LED light for telescopic steel batons, which has 6,000 hours of illumination. Its body is made of high-density aluminum and with high impact resistance.

For maximizing our safety, buying expandable police batons along with the ultra-bright LED light was a smart decision. The telescopic steel police batons that we got have rubble handles for comfortable gripping and a heavy-duty nylon holster for convenient carriage.

She demonstrated to us how to use them by simply flicking one to open it and striking it on a hard surface to close it again. Buying expandable police batons was not at all hard to do with the help of our knowledgeable friend.

Ira D Gelbart is a strong believer in being safe rather than being sorry. He sells a vast selection of self defense products to keep you protected from attackers. Products include self defense sprays, disguised stun guns, expandable batons, Mace and Tasers.

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