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Using Article Syndication Directories to Easily and Quickly Promote Your Site

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Article writing is one of the finest techniques available to a website owner for web site promotion, building traffic, and getting one-way back links.

When done correctly, using modern automated “spinning” that creates many different versions of an article and posts them to lots of free submission directories, article marketing remains one of the cheapest, fastest methods to move up in the critical Google Search Results and get higher page ranking.

Higher page ranking means more visitors. Indeed, it has been repeatedly shown that web pages shown on the first or second page of Google’s Search Results get 99% of all web traffic while all of the other webpages put together share a measly 1%.

While there are numerous factors that go into Google’s decision where to display a web page, the quality and quantity of back links to it is extremely crucial. This is due to the fact that each search engineconsiders back links as a measure of popularity: all other factors being equal, a webpage with 200 back links from a wide variety of websites will typically be way higher in Search Results than a web page with 0, 50, or 100.

All article directory websites allow their contributors to incorporate a writer resource area with at least two links back to pages that the writer wants to promote. Visitors to the directory who like an article provide a boost in traffic when they visit the contributor’s site and back links when they take the article for their own use.

Today’s automated “spinning” technology, combined with the ability to instantly and automatically create and post different variants of a single article to hundreds of directories, puts article marketing on electronic steroids.

Why should each article be unique? Because Google can detect nearly identical versions and clear out a lot of them. Spinning solves that problem.

Web professionals—the folks who make their living from the web—write lots of articles with links back to their webpages, then post them to subscription services that spin each article into a unique version and posts to hundreds or even more article directory sites.

It’s called “leveraging” and, while once the province of only professionals, today it’s available to anyone who wants to succeed online. One spun article, posted to hundreds of web article submission directories, can bring a massive number of back links very quickly, easily, and painlessly.

To explode your traffic and back links, free article submission sites cannot be beat. You can compete with web pros and get to the top of Google by writing a great ezine article, spinning it into different versions, and using automation to submit to hundreds of free directories on a consistent basis.

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