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What You Can Do About Chronic Back Pain

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A recent study showed that between 8 and 33 percent of the American population experiences either constant or fluctuating back pain. Are you part of that statistic? Do you experience chronic lower back pain? Continue reading to learn more about treatments to treat your pain!

Chronic low back pain is classified as pain that continues for 4 weeks or more. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, back pain is the second most widespread neurological disorder in the United States, second only to headaches. Back pain is the most common reason for job-related disability and missing work. It can interrupt your daily routine, your work, activities, and recreation.

The National Institute of Health provides a few different causes for chronic back pain, such as:

– Straining or overstretching the spine, generating extra pressure on the nerve endings

– Injury or trauma to the spine

– Overstraining or inflammation of the joints, muscles, and ligaments

– Viral infections

– Excessive strain or irritation of the joints, muscles, and ligaments

– Other health issues, such as obesity, smoking, stress, poor posture or sleeping position, etc.

– Other health issues, such as stress, smoking, obesity, poor posture or sleeping position, etc.

– Aging, where the spinal discs lose fluid and flexibility, causing a decrease in the cushioning of the vertebrae

In our consumer-driven society, there are an excessive number of different treatments available to alleviate chronic lower back pain. Americans spend more than $50 billion per year on low back pain and their treatments. Now the trick is to find out which treatment is the best, most efficient, and will have the longest lasting results!

A 2008 study entitled ?A comparison between chiropractic management and pain clinic management for chronic low-back pain in a national health service outpatient clinic? compares the typical medical practices with chiropractic care for chronic back pain. The medical route used standard pharmaceutical therapy (i.e. anti-inflammatory drugs) and soft-tissue and joint injections to counter the back pain. For the chiropractic route, a widely-recognized treatment plan for lower back pain was implemented.

After 8 weeks of treatment, the study concludes that the chiropractic approach is 457 percent more effective than the medicinal treatments provided for chronic low back pain. This is not to say that the medical approach does not have a place in healthcare; based on this and other studies, research concludes that chiropractic care is a significantly better option for treatment of chronic lower back pain. Doctors of chiropractic are educated to figure out the cause of injury, realize a proper diagnosis and the best possible care plan.

Are you suffering from constant or fluctuating back pain that severely affects your life? Do the causes given above sound familiar? Chiropractors are experts in deducing the cause of your pain, as well as creating a care program that is specifically tailored to you and your body?s needs. Call to schedule an initial exam with your chiropractor today and say good-bye to your back pain forever!

Source: Wilkey, A., Gregory M., Byfield, D., & McCarthy, P. W. (2008). A comparison between chiropractic management and pain clinic management for chronic low-back pain in a national health service outpatient clinic. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 14(5), 465-473.

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