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Why blogging for money is so difficult

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For many webmasters the dream is to turn their hobby of blogging into a full time living. However even if you do manage to build up a successful readership it’s not always possible to turn those readers into a real income. Here are a few of the main reasons many bloggers can’t make money from their hobby.

Un-targeted traffic. This is a major problem as I see so many blogs shooting for general traffic in the hope that just in terms of volume some of it will make money. The truth is that advertisers are only really interested in targeted traffic as it’s the only type that converts into sales.

Even if you have a blog on a specific niche you still need traffic that has a need to buy something, or at least be in some way associated with purchasing online. I suppose this is the main reason big sites like YouTube cant turn a profit, no-one is there to spend money.

It’s easy to forget that the style and layout of your content has a real impact on sales/advertising/leads. For example if you’re promoting a specific product/service on your blog you need to get across fast why it’s so good and why people should buy it, good copywriting is a skill in itself.

The design of your site can also negatively affect your sales. That new flashy menu you had created may look cool but if it makes it too difficult to navigate your site then you’ll be losing customers. People on the net have very little patience so you need to make your site as easy to use as possible.

All advertising is not created equal and it often takes time to find the right type of affiliate program for you audience. Essentially you need ads that complement your content as visitors are much more likely to click on something that is related to your theme. You also need to be subtle as there’s nothing more off-putting that un-related popup ads.

It’s not easy converting blog readers into money as I hope I have shown, but at the same time it is possible if you use a little common sense and also plenty of testing to see what works.

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